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Ving Tsun - Sparring and Drills

Facebook page: Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kung Fu is one of the best fighting systems. Possibly the most successful fighter and teacher of the past century was Wong Shun Leung, who also played a large role in the growth of Ving Tsun. Ving Tsun is developed with one thought in mind, namely surviving a fight. The philosophy emphasizes consistency, balance and simultaneousness of action to economically, effectively, and dynamically end a fight as quick as possible. Ving Tsun also forms a stronger physical and mental capacity within the practitioner. Ving Tsun is scientific in every facet through its fully logical theory which can handle all possible situations from which a fight could exist. The age-old principles and ideas are timeless, tested and evaluated through generations, and can be applied in all circumstances. Trademarks are the directness and simplicity with which the opponent is handled. The natural, solid movements are developed with a deep knowledge of human anatomy and presuppose mathematical and physicist principles. Interested beginners as well as fighters with ambition, regardless of fighting style, are warmly welcomed to our website and school in Hilversum, the Netherlands, for an introduction to the fascinating fighting system Ving Tsun Kung Fu.