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KS3 English revision subjects including adjectives, alphabetical sorting, apostrophes, letter writing, nouns, punctuation, rhyme, sentences and verbs

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KS3 English -- Fly through your KS3 Tests with help from our Quizzes

To play the KS3 English quizzes visit Whatever career you decide upon you will find that your use of English plays a big part in your success. You need to be able to write well to produce a CV to show to employers; you need to make your instructions clear when you write to companies and important people; most of all you need to be able to understand the written word so that you can read about the things that interest and entertain you. In your KS3 study of English you will be introduced to some topics with strange sounding names and for a start this can be very off-putting. Let's get a few of these subjects out of the way straight away so that they are not so intimidating when you meet them: An "antonym" is simply a word that has an opposite meaning. For instance "empty" is an antonym of "full". You see, it is not so scary after all! A "homophone" is a word that sounds the same but has a different meaning. Take for instance "write" (as in "I will write to you") and "right" (as in "That is the right way to do it"). "Write" and "right" sound exactly the same when you say them but they mean entirely different things. In a nutshell that is what homophones are all about. Along the same lines you will learn that prefixes are a few letters placed at the beginning of a word to modify its meaning. You will also start to learn about different writing styles. Using rhyme might make your writing more interesting if you are producing a story but you would be very unlikely to use rhyme if you are writing instructions. We should all consider ourselves lucky to live in a country that has produced some of the greatest writers and some of the greatest literature ever written. The more you understand about English, the more you will enjoy the subject and you might even grow to love it.