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Dominica Explored.

Best viewed at 720p quality. Exploring the little known Caribbean island of Dominica on foot. Hiking the Waitukubuli Trail, walking to the Boiling Lake and c...


Travels in DOMINICA, The Island of Discovery! Caribbean

Join us on an adventure into the Garden of Eden, the undiscovered jewel of the Caribbean... DOMINICA! We arrive by sail and hike into the mountains of the lu...


Is Dominica Boring?

Tweet This Videooooo: Dominica is a small Caribbean island so what can it truly offer to a guy from a big city like me? Watch what some o...


Team Dominica - Concert For Change (UWP)

Team Dominica - Concert For Change (UWP)


dominica jouvert 2014

Dominica Jouvert 2014 Carnival. Jouvert Morning in Dominica Carnival.



Firstly, lets start off with what Dominica isn't. It's not the Dominican Republic and it's not your cliché Caribbean island. Consider it Costa Rica of the Ca...


Saint John Parish, Portsmouth, Dominica Tourism (HD)

Visit Saint John Parish, Portsmouth, Dominica - Saint John Parish, Portsmouth, Dominica Tourism Travel Videos HD, World Travel Guide ...


St.Vincent and the Grenadines, and Dominica - Caribbean Moments - The Secrets of Nature

Caribbean Moments shows a different side to the Caribbean. Everyone visualises sand, sunshine and palm trees -- but hardly anyone really discovers what lies .


Girl kisses BET's Mario Barrett Live in Dominica

The well known BET's Mario Barrett, the international r&b superstar, hits up Dominica for the first time to perform live for the r&b fans in Dominica 2014 at...


Dominica: Home From Home [HD]

Tweet This Video with one click: What does it mean to be home? Where do we consider 'home' to be? 'The iD Project' writer and director Ri...


Scuba Diving Dominica

Check out our latest video! Come Discover Dominica with us and see what this fabulous Country is all about!



While Beres Hammond performed at the Roseau Bay Front during the labour election campaign, a fan rushed the stage to try to hug Beres! This is kinda like ...


GIS Dominica - Dominica/China: A Decade of Friendship

The Government Information Service of Dominica examines the 10 year relationship between the Commonwealth of Dominica and the People's Republic of ...


Dominica Diaspora Forum

The Government of Dominica will host the annual Diaspora Forum on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 from 10:00am at the State House Conference Centre.


Dominica - The Nature Island

Adventure activities, fascinating wildlife, history, culture, beautiful landscapes, sunshine and friendly people - all of these can be found in Dominica, one...


Dominica Traditional Kwéyòl song Compile By Djeasy

Kwéyòl was born out of the slavery era, Africans were assigned to the slavery plantations in the French Antilles; the French of their slave masters and their...



Dominica is one of the lesser-known islands in the Caribbean, but those who do know it have marveled at its raw and still largely undeveloped beauty, as well...


Roseau Dominica April 17, 2010

Join Susan & Hugh Barrow as we visit Roseau on Dominica on April 17, 2010.


GIS Dominica, Conceptual Design for Transformation of Roseau

Concept Design for the Upgrade of Roseau as presented by Mr Ian Fields of 3S Bridges/NSG on May 13th, 2014.


Dominica Cultural and Independance Remembrance mixx by djeasy

I bring you some of Dominica finest songs in the remembrance of Our island Dominica Creole and Independence time.Its our culture so we need to remember it ...


Secret Bay, Dominica - Top Rated Caribbean Honeymoon Eco-Luxury Resort Tucked away on the unspoilt nature island of Dominica, Secret Bay offers sustainable luxury villas and bungalows and is the perfect place...


March Pass: Independence Day of Dominica 2014: National Day Parade

November 3rd is the Independence Day of Dominica and to celebrate that day, a March Pass took place at the WIndsor Park Sports Stadium, where the officers ...


Pharrell Williams "Happy" Fort Young Hotel's Dominica Version

The staff of The Fort Young Hotel in Dominica give full expression to their joy dancing around the Roseau-based hotel to the music of Pharrell's huge hit "Ha...


Dominica in the Caribbean. Tips for travellers on things to do video tour

Dominica in the Caribbean. Tips for travellers on things to do video tour on a day trip. Markets, Georgian Buildings, RIB Speedboat tour, snorkeling, visting...



GIS Dominica

Here you will find newscasts of our evening news, National Focus; special Government events, insightful documentaries and much more. If you're interested in ...

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