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What is Master Data Management?

Evan Levy describes the core functions of MDM and removes all of the technology confusion with plain english and clear examples. To learn more about Master ...


What is Master Data Management? This is a short video on the benefits of an MDM solution.


Data Management_ What Is Master Data Management (Mdm)

Help me decide on what to do: should i take grd 12 bio+chem? or calculous+data? management? What the future of clinical data? management? in bangalore, ...


Introduction to Data Management with Autodesk Vault

Entertaining hand-drawn illustration of the value of data management using Autodesk Vault. The Data Management solution that works the way you do.


The what, why and how of data management planning

In this movie you will learn more about what data management planning is, how you go about and why it is important.


Introduction to Database Management Systems 1: Fundamental Concepts

This is the first chapter in the web lecture series of Prof. dr. Bart Baesens: Introduction to Database Management Systems. Prof. dr. Bart Baesens holds a PhD in ...


Excel - Data Management

Video Demo for Excel - Data Management from LearnBiz Simulations.


How to avoid a data management nightmare

A few tips for avoiding a data management nightmare. A video created by NYU Health Sciences Library's Karen Hanson, Kevin Read, and Alisa Surkis.


What's Your Data Management Maturity?

Have you ever asked yourself whether other companies are experiencing the same problems you are? This video shares the common problems that ...


What is Data Management or Information Management or Knowledge Management?

Have you ever wondered, what is Data Management or Information Management or Knowledge Management? What is the relationship between these three?


Enterprise Data Management

How do you achieve business excellence and increase competitive advantage? Start with your data.


Deep Dive on the Data Management Gateway in Power BI for connectivity to on premise and hybrid scena

The Data Management Gateway is the key to getting On Prem data into the cloud for analysis. This session will talk in depth about the new features in Power BI ...


Maximizing Business Transformation with Master Data Management

In this video interview, Informatica's Jakki Geiger discusses how the right information management strategy supported by a Master Data Management solution ...


Modifying a Data Model in Informatica Master Data Management(MDM)

How to modify a Data Model in MDM. Is it easy? Hard? Any impact on other objects.


MasterDataOnline - Master Data Management for SAP

Introduction to Master Data Online for clean and consistent SAP master data management. Prospecta's certified SAP solution.


Top 10 Mistakes in Data Management

Come learn about the mistakes we most often see organizations make in managing their data. Also learn more about Intricity's Data Management Health Check ...


Master Data Management MDM Master Data Management (MDM) comprises a set of processes and tools that ...


An Introduction to IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Server A video introduction to master data management and IBM's software offering InfoSphere Master Data ...


Test Data Management an optimized approach In the recent years, test data management has become an integral ...


Help Me Understand: SAS® Data Management

Senior Director of R&D Scott Gidley uses everyday examples to share how SAS' single, cohesive data management strategy to help customers build a ...


Power BI Data Management Gateway Setup and Configuration

This video shows the steps to configure Power BI data menagement gateway and data sources. It also shows how to configure data refresh on a Power Pivot ...


Probability Grade 12 Data Management Lesson 6 1 11 21 12


Smart Meters Need Smarter Data Management

IBM Informix has a unique capability called Informix TimeSeries, designed to handle the complex data management issues created by smart meters. Watch this ...


Product Data Management (PDM) - PTC In this video, Brian, your 3D engineering, talks about product data management (PDM) and the challenges of today's alternatives.



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